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Favorite Restaurants Near Kennebunkport

In an area with a lot of fine dining choices, here are two more of our favorite restaurants near Kennebunkport.

Joshua’s in Wells (Just 14 minutes from the inn) has some of the finest food in southern Maine.  Fresh is what Joshua’s is all about.  During the summer months most produce comes directly from the family’s organic farm.  Joshua’s father (Mort) has farmed organically since 1972.  He was an organic pioneer before it was fashionable and Joshua grew up turning compost and working the farm stand.   This is where he developed his appreciation of fresh, local, handmade food and this is the restaurant’s identity.  Everything is made in house, from the bread to the ice cream and it is superb!  You will not be disappointed by menu sections such as the wood grilled mushrooms, tossed in herbed truffle butter with shaved parmesan, or the rack of lamb that is roasted with a mustard crumb crust and stuffed with mushrooms/basil and served with a burgundy reduction sauce and mash potatoes.  The restaurant is in a beautiful house built in 1774 and restored by the family in 2004.  If you haven’t tried Joshua’s yet please put it high on your dining bucket list!


The Village Tavern in West Kennebunk has been a local favorite since it opened three years ago.  When I heard a restaurant was opening in the middle of the winter in West Kennebunk I had my doubts.  First, winter in Maine is not a happening place.  Second, West Kennebunk is not an area people visit.  When you get off the Kennebunk I95 exit, West Kennebunk is the opposite direction to Kennebunkport.  Basically nobody who doesn’t live there, goes there.  What’s the first rule to a successful business?  Location, location, location!  Well, within a month of the Tavern opening everyone was talking about it.  It took me a year before trying it and now I’m hooked!  It has all the qualities I love in a restaurant: Unassuming and unpretentious dining, with great staff and incredible food at a great price.  Try selections such as their lobster risotto with a sherry balsamic syrup and shaved parmesan.  Or pecan crusted broiled native haddock filet over baby spinach with a creamy lemon basil aioli, with a side of fried brussel sprouts with lemon honey aioli!