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Flowers by a wooden fence

Spring in Kennebunk and Kennebunkport

It is March and everyplace (besides Maine) is getting ready for spring!! Unfortunately Spring does not show up in Maine until May, but when it does come it is beautiful! This is why (after years of business) we do not open Bufflehead Cove Inn until the first week of May. May and the first couple … Read More

View of Bufflehead Cove from the dock

2018 Kennebunkport Area Activity Schedule.

Although winter is still here in full force and the Inn is closed Until May 4th, this is the time of year I get excited for spring! The days are noticeably longer and the sun’s rays are actually warm on the skin! This is the time of year I pull out the seed catalogs and … Read More

Fall trees near water

Kennebunkport Fall Festivals

Just like that summer is over!  But it’s ok because that means Fall is on its way.  July and August is so busy here in Kennebunkport that Autumn is like a breath of fresh air.  The hot crowded summer days become cooler, dry sunny days without the crowds.  Early September is the quiet time between the busy summer … Read More

Seafood sandwich

Sea Salt and Smoke

UPDATE May 2017 – this company is no longer in business. Anyone who loved Big Fish the restaurant, will love the new food truck Sea Salt and Smoke.  The reason is Chris Rundlett (the chief) is back in town and I could not be happier!  Chris runs the food truck SS&S with his wife Sofia … Read More

Lamb chops on a plate at a restaurant

Favorite Restaurants Near Kennebunkport

In an area with a lot of fine dining choices, here are two more of our favorite restaurants near Kennebunkport. Joshua’s in Wells (Just 14 minutes from the inn) has some of the finest food in southern Maine.  Fresh is what Joshua’s is all about.  During the summer months most produce comes directly from the … Read More

Two chairs on the beach at sunset

Beaches of Kennebunk and Kennebunkport

The hope of summer is slowly becoming a reality.  The days are long and sun is shining, and with summer comes beaches!  Lets face it, the Kennebunks are a beach town.  So I thought I’d share a few local choices (both big and small).  If you’re interested in other beaches please give me a call … Read More

Bakery bread on display

Finally a great bakery in Kennebunk!

Hello everyone.  I hope you’re all enjoying spring so far?  I know we are loving it here at the Inn.  Although it hasn’t been hot, it has been nice and dry with all the flowers and blossoms in full bloom. I’m excited to tell you about the opening of a new bakery in downtown Kennebunk.  … Read More

Pasta with chicken on a plate

Farm-to-Table in the Kennebunks!

Welcome to spring!  Ok I’m going to admit something.  There were times this year I thought the snow and cold were never going to end.  But here we are with a week of sunshine and temps in the mid 70’s!  So to celebrate I thought I’d talk up two more of my favorite restaurants.  Both … Read More