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Thirty Years!

Way back I had this brilliant idea that for fun I would open a bed and breakfast. It would be like a hobby… or so I thought.  The ‘hobby’ concept lasted about a month or so the first year.  I began with five rooms, all upstairs in the main house and none with private baths. I was so inexperienced I didn’t have mirrors in many rooms and often no curtains or shades on the windows. As rough as the beginnings were, lots of great guests helped out by making suggestions of how we could improve. There was no TripAdvisor then, thank God. People were kind and forgiving of our faults…. and slowly we improved and many of those original guests kept coming back.  Jim was a commercial fisherman back then so Bufflehead was my baby for a few years. I did it all with a lot of help from one employee. Eventually Jim took over much of the breakfast cooking and I was able to hire more help.  We have met so many wonderful people over the years and have so many loyal guests who keep returning and have become a bit like family. We also have had lots of great people work with us.  We are a bit long in the tooth now but have our son Erin whom we call ‘The Boss”.  Hopefully, with Erin’s help, Bufflehead Cove will continue on for many more years.  Thanks to you all: guests, family, employees and friends who have been so wonderful to us.
Harriet and Jim Gott
harriet & jim