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Kennebunkport Fall Festivals

Just like that summer is over!  But it’s ok because that means Fall is on its way.  July and August is so busy here in Kennebunkport that Autumn is like a breath of fresh air.  The hot crowded summer days become cooler, dry sunny days without the crowds.  Early September is the quiet time between the busy summer and the busy autumn leaf color season.  Here in southern Maine our peak time for leaf color is usually the second and third week of October. We begin to see color changes in late September. Bufflehead Cove is surrounded by Sugar Maple trees ( the source of the bright reds and violets) and Oak trees ( which turn orange in late October). Fall here in Maine is beautiful. September means quiet beach walks, strolling in our charming village without fighting through crowds, apple harvest time for wonderful crisp apples, and lots of country fairs.


One of the first fall festivals begins on September 5th with the Annual School Around Us Craft Fair on the River Green in Kennebunkport. 70 artists and artisans will present their work. There will be food and music and lots of fun activities.

September 7th through September 20th the town of Ogunquit has their Ogunquit Capriccio, a town wide festival of the arts, culture and history. This year marks the 25th anniversary of this event. The Festival of Kites on September 12th is one of the highlights of the week long events.


Our personal favorite and one we wait for every year is The Laudholm Nature Crafts Festival which is always held on the weekend after Labor Day. This is a juried craft fair and the best, in our opinion, of the year.

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Sea Salt and Smoke

Sea Salt and Smoke

Anyone who loved Big Fish the restaurant, will love the new food truck Sea Salt and Smoke.  The reason is Chris Rundlett (the chief) is back in town and I could not be happier!  Chris runs the food truck SS&S with his wife Sofia and it is incredible.  At this point he and his family are located here during the summer months and are in Austin Texas during the winter months.  This is a must try for anyone living or visiting the Kennebunk/Kennebunkport area.  They are Located at Aquaholics Surfshop from 5Pm to 10Pm every day.Food Truck, Kennebunkport

Chris has this way with food.  The truth is I can’t fully explain the nuances of his cooking, but it’s special.  He has this light touch with spices and sauces that brings out the freshness of his ingredients.  I’ve longed for Big Fish’s seared ahi tuna dish ever since they closed, but now I can get my fix with selections such as “pepper seared ahi tuna w/sesame spiga noodles, roasted cashew gomeii & tosazu” or “ahi tuna poke w/ wonton, soy and avocado!”  The best part for guests here at the inn is it’s only .5 miles away!  So give it a try, you wont be sorry.

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Favorite Restaurants Near Kennebunkport

In an area with a lot of fine dining choices, here are two more of our favorite restaurants near Kennebunkport.

Joshua’s in Wells (Just 14 minutes from the inn) has some of the finest food in southern Maine.  Fresh is what Joshua’s is all about.  During the summer months most produce comes directly from the family’s organic farm.  Joshua’s father (Mort) has farmed organically since 1972.  He was an organic pioneer before it was fashionable and Joshua grew up turning compost and working the farm stand.   This is where he developed his appreciation of fresh, local, handmade food and this is the restaurant’s identity.  Everything is made in house, from the bread to the ice cream and it is superb!  You will not be disappointed by menu sections such as the wood grilled mushrooms, tossed in herbed truffle butter with shaved parmesan, or the rack of lamb that is roasted with a mustard crumb crust and stuffed with mushrooms/basil and served with a burgundy reduction sauce and mash potatoes.  The restaurant is in a beautiful house built in 1774 and restored by the family in 2004.  If you haven’t tried Joshua’s yet please put it high on your dining bucket list!


The Village Tavern in West Kennebunk has been a local favorite since it opened three years ago.  When I heard a restaurant was opening in the middle of the winter in West Kennebunk I had my doubts.  First, winter in Maine is not a happening place.  Second, West Kennebunk is not an area people visit.  When you get off the Kennebunk I95 exit, West Kennebunk is the opposite direction to Kennebunkport.  Basically nobody who doesn’t live there, goes there.  What’s the first rule to a successful business?  Location, location, location!  Well, within a month of the Tavern opening everyone was talking about it.  It took me a year before trying it and now I’m hooked!  It has all the qualities I love in a restaurant: Unassuming and unpretentious dining, with great staff and incredible food at a great price.  Try selections such as their lobster risotto with a sherry balsamic syrup and shaved parmesan.  Or pecan crusted broiled native haddock filet over baby spinach with a creamy lemon basil aioli, with a side of fried brussel sprouts with lemon honey aioli!


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Beaches of Kennebunk and Kennebunkport

The hope of summer is slowly becoming a reality.  The days are long and sun is shining, and with summer comes beaches!  Lets face it, the Kennebunks are a beach town.  So I thought I’d share a few local choices (both big and small).  If you’re interested in other beaches please give me a call or send an email and I’m happy to help.

Gooch's Beach

Gooch’s Beach

Kennebunk Beach (Gooch’s and Mother’s Beach.)  These two beaches are summer staples for locals and visitors alike.  They are also the nearest to the Inn (1.6 miles). Gooch’s Beach is the larger of the two with ample parking, toilets, and lifeguards.  The beach is defined by a large jetty to the east and a rocky point to the west.  During hightide the sand on the western end tends to disappear, so the eastern side is preferred for sunbathing.  It’s a great place to swim during calm days and one of the area’s finer spots to surf during rough sea conditions.

Mother’s beach is just down the road and as the name implies tends to attract families.  There is parking right at the beach and along the neighboring side streets.  There are toilets, lifeguards and a playground for the kids.  There are also a lot of tide pools at low tide for kids (and adults) to explore.  Both Gooch’s and Mother’s Beach parking requires a pass.  You can get them at the Kennebunk Town Hall, HB Provisions, at the Kennebunk Beach kiosk machines or (for our guests) here at the inn.

Parsons Beach

Parsons Beach

A couple miles down route 9 (heading west) you’ll find Parsons Beach.  The beach is privately owned but open to the public.  It has been in the Parson’s family for generations and is a gem.  There is plenty of space to spread out and enjoy a sunny day. It is also a great place to fish for striped bass and blue fish (along the beach and in the Mousam River.)  There is limited parking at the end of Parsons Beach Road, but you can always park on Brown Street and walk in.  There is one portable toilet and no life guards on duty.

Just down Ocean Ave. at the mouth of the Kennebunk River you find the Colony Beach.  It’s a small unassuming beach defined by the harbor’s eastern jetty.  Parking (even during the busiest season) is usually easy to find.  It’s a great place to sit and watch the boats go in and out or drop a line for striped bass, mackerel or flounder.  It is also the start of Parsons Way, a nice walk along Ocean Ave. heading towards the Bush estate.  Parking is free.  There are no lifeguards, bathrooms or other facilities.

Goose Rocks Beach

Goose Rocks Beach

Goose Rocks Beach is one of the area’s most beautiful beaches.  Lovely soft white sand and plenty of room to roam.  Because of the actual” goose rocks” just offshore, the beach is well protected from rough sea conditions, making it very swim friendly.  It is also a great place to fish for striped bass during the summer months.  The beach is defined by two rivers on each end (The little River and the Batson River.)  There are no lifeguards, or toilets and parking is very limited.  From June 15th to September 15th you need to get a day parking permit from the Kennebunkport Police Department.

Cleaves Cove is a secret little beach just down the road from the Bush estate.  It is not well known or visited and at high tide can have little to no sand.  But it is a lovely spot in an area not seen by most visitors.  It is a perfect picnic spot and because parking is almost nonexistent I recommend biking in.  To get there from town head down Ocean Ave. and when you get past the Bush estate look for Halcyon Way on your right (just after Oakwood Dr.)  Halcyon Way takes you right to the ocean and Cleaves is to your right at the bottom of the drive.  Needless to say there are no lifeguards, bathrooms or other services.

Turbats Creek is another semi-secret spot, but is a great place to enjoy a warm afternoon.  Similar to Cleaves there is little to no beach at high tide so timing is everything.  At low tide the cove is a big sand flat/beach with rocky tide pools and a small creek running to the ocean.  Vaughn’s Island is just on the other side of the creek and can be reached at low tide.  It is a great Island to explore, but keep an eye on the tide.  As with Cleaves Cove there are no lifeguards, bathrooms or other services.



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Finally a great bakery in Kennebunk!

Hello everyone.  I hope you’re all enjoying spring so far?  I know we are loving it here at the Inn.  Although it hasn’t been hot, it has been nice and dry with all the flowers and blossoms in full bloom.

bakery kennebunk

I’m excited to tell you about the opening of a new bakery in downtown Kennebunk.  It’s been sometime since Kennebunk or Kennebunkport had a high quality bakery, and I think this one might be the best yet!  It’s called Boulangerie and it is located behind the new Ice skating rink/pavilion off Main st. Kennebunk.  My family and I tried it this past weekend (the day after their opening) and it was packed.  It took us 30 minutes to get to the counter, but it was worth the wait (plus I got to catch up with a dozen or so friends.)  The Briocha Bobble Loaf and  Sticky Honey Pecan Rolls were to die for!  I even picked up some small Sourdough Boule for the Inn’s breakfast.  I can also tell you for certain that it is kid approved.  Both my sons (2 and 4) barely came up for air while devouring their rolls.  So if you’re are in the area and are looking for a treat, give it a try.

Kennebunk Bakery

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Farm-to-Table in the Kennebunks!

Welcome to spring!  Ok I’m going to admit something.  There were times this year I thought the snow and cold were never going to end.  But here we are with a week of sunshine and temps in the mid 70’s!  So to celebrate I thought I’d talk up two more of my favorite restaurants.  Both of these establishments are owner operated with a focus on fine, locally sourced ingredients.


The first is Bandaloop.  A Kennebunkport restaurant owned by Scott and Bridget Lee.  Scott is the chef who in his own words” loves to incorporate local, fresh foods to create exotic worldly flavors and textures, showcasing the natural taste of the food without pretense.”   And this is what you get at Bandaloop; wonderfully aromatic, fresh and delicious food without any pretension.  The restaurant setting is funky, alive and fun.  It was the first restaurant in Kennebunkport (that I can remember) that broke out of the standard “New England” fare of lobster rolls, fried haddock and creamy clam chowders.  And although none of those are bad things, Bandaloop open my eyes to a more cosmopolitan, west coast fusion of asian/anglo blend of food.  Since they opened their doors in 2004 I’ve been addicted to selections such as the egg rolls (caramelized red onion, walnut, spinach, danish blue cheese with a sweet & sour port wine balsamic reduction) or the wilted spinach salad (with red onion, broccoli, artichoke hearts, grape tomatoes, lemon-balsamic vinaigrette, sheep’s milk feta and toasted pine nuts!)

50local kennebunk

The other restaurant is 50 Local in downtown Kennebunk.  The owners are Merrilee Paul & her husband David Ross.  Before meeting Merrilee and moving to Kennebunk (Merrilee’s hometown) David worked in an assortment of New York restaurants including Oceana and Tabla.  50 is the restaurants address (50 Main st. Kennebunk) and Local is what they represent.  The first thing you see entering the restaurant is a giant floor to ceiling chalkboard adverting the days ingredients and the local farms who produced them.  You’ll see names like Frinklepod Farm, Black Rock or Nonesuch.  In their words “ 50 Local presents an outstanding, approachable menu containing many of the traditional dishes offered in French bistros with an American take, served in a comfortable, elegant & friendly atmosphere.”  A must try on the menu is their crispy farm egg salad (soft poached egg, caesar dressing & shaved pecorino), fried calamari (with pickles and spicy tomato sauce), and (hands down the best dessert in town) their beignets with creme anglaise!

If locally sourced, delicious food, with great atmosphere is what you’re looking for in Kennebunk or Kennebunkport, Bandaloop and/or 50 Local are the places to try.  Both stay very busy during the season, so make sure to reserve your spot.  bon appetit!

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Old Vines Wine Bar

Old Vines

Old Vines

We are pleased that Old Vines, our local and nearby wine bar, has opened for the 2015 season. It has new owners, a new look, but the same wonderful wines and food. It’s a wonderful setting within an antique barn in the heart of Lower Village. The new owners say that Old Vines has not changed but evolved.  They serve a diverse selection of tapas ranging from “wild marinated mushrooms” to “Manchego curado reserve” cheese to a “Tuscan bread salad” (Paige’s personal favorite with added steak!) Plus their wine and cocktail menu is superb!  It’s a wonderful, cozy, warm and inviting place to spend an evening and it’s an easy walk ( if you like to walk) from the inn.  So if you’re in Kennebunkport or Lower Village give it a try, I’m confident you’ll enjoy yourself.

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Kennebunkport Striper Fishing

Steve Brettell

Capt. Steve Brettell

It’s hard to believe looking out the window, that striped bass will be here soon!  Starting at the end of May the smaller bass find there way up the Kennebunk River, past Kennebunport to us here at Bufflehead Cove Inn.  When they arrive they are hungry and are great sport on light fishing tackle and fly.  I spent my high school years fly-fishing in front of the inn.  With an outgoing tide and the setting sun (or early mornings) the fishing can be great.  As the season continues into summer the river fishing can slow down, but this is the time to head to sea.  During July and August larger fish are patrolling the beaches, coves and rocky shorelines.  For fly-fishing and light tackle the rule once again is early mornings and evenings, otherwise bait is your best bet.  With the arrival of September the fish start to school up into larger groups.  This is the time of year you can land large bass right here at the inn.  If you sit on our deck during an outgoing tide on an autumn evening, you’ll often here the popping and splashing of fish driving sand eels and other small bait.

If you are interested in fishing for Striped Bass your best best is hiring a guide.  The best Kennebunkport striper fishing guides are Capt. Niels Jacob of Castaway Fishing Charters and Capt. Steve Brettell.  Both have what it takes to get you on fish and help you enjoy a day on the water.

Capt. Niels Jacob

Capt. Niels Jacob

I’ve personally known Niels for 30 years.  He is one of those guys that everyone loves, with his easy to like personality and gentle nature.  But don’t be fooled by his friendly demeanor, the guy is a natural born fish killer.  He has natural hunting and fishing instinct like no one else I’ve ever met.  Couple that with 20 years of guiding experience and you’re in for some of the best fishing possible in Maine.

Steve is another class act.  The guy’s been striper guiding since the 1980’s in Maine and is such a pleasure to be around (an important detail when stuck on a small boat for 4 hours!)  Steve is also a fantastic wooden decoy carver and use to do guided sea duck hunts during the winter months.

Steve Brettell

Steve Brettell’s Wood Shop

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Kennebunkport Voted Best Place to Live In Maine.

Not that anyone who lives or visits here are surprised, but the Kennebunks were just voted one of the best places to live in Maine by Downeast Magazine!   I was born and raised here, but have also traveled around the world.  I have seen beautiful European towns, stunning raw beauty of Greenland, New Zealand, China and South America.  Plus I lived all through the United States, but Maine and the Kennebunks (the twin sisters by the seas) are still my favorite.  There are so many reasons people come here to visit year after year.  And there are so many reasons to stay.  Natural beauty, culture, incredible food, lodging, safety, friendly community, arts, and a great sense of history.  We love to complain about the cold winters (especially this year), but we never leave.  In January we dream of warm tropical locations, but after a visit we are always ready to get home.  Kennebunk & Kennebunkport are special and like a fine red wine they are just getting better with time.  So from all of us here at Bufflehead Cove Inn we tip our hat to both Towns and to everyone who loves them as much as us!


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The 13th Annual George H.W. Bush Celebrity Golf Classic.

Ok so all of us here in the Northeast are sick of the winter.  Just when the weather was starting to feel like early spring, poof! it’s 20 degrees and windy.  Well for all of you dreaming of summer here is another idea to get excited about.  The 13th annual George H.W. Bush  Cape Arundel Golf Classic will be held on June 23rd.  This year it is chaired by First Lady Barbara Bush and is open for public participation.  All proceeds go to support Gary’s House at Mercy Hospital in Portland Maine.  The house is an affordable lodging option for family members of individuals in medical crisis.  It really is a great cause put together by a great family.  Please click on link for further information and registration.  It looks like Bobby Orr and Derek Sanderson are a couple of the celebrities participating this year!  The night before the tournament the Colony Hotel will host the Point of Light Gala were there will be food, drink and an auction.  Don’t miss it!

Golfers enjoying the  Classic

Golfers enjoying the Classic

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