A place where time is measured by the rise and fall of the tide

Kennebunkport Striper Fishing

Steve Brettell

Capt. Steve Brettell

It’s hard to believe looking out the window, that striped bass will be here soon!  Starting at the end of May the smaller bass find there way up the Kennebunk River, past Kennebunport to us here at Bufflehead Cove Inn.  When they arrive they are hungry and are great sport on light fishing tackle and fly.  I spent my high school years fly-fishing in front of the inn.  With an outgoing tide and the setting sun (or early mornings) the fishing can be great.  As the season continues into summer the river fishing can slow down, but this is the time to head to sea.  During July and August larger fish are patrolling the beaches, coves and rocky shorelines.  For fly-fishing and light tackle the rule once again is early mornings and evenings, otherwise bait is your best bet.  With the arrival of September the fish start to school up into larger groups.  This is the time of year you can land large bass right here at the inn.  If you sit on our deck during an outgoing tide on an autumn evening, you’ll often here the popping and splashing of fish driving sand eels and other small bait.

If you are interested in fishing for Striped Bass your best best is hiring a guide.  The best Kennebunkport striper fishing guides are Capt. Niels Jacob of Castaway Fishing Charters and Capt. Steve Brettell.  Both have what it takes to get you on fish and help you enjoy a day on the water.

Capt. Niels Jacob

Capt. Niels Jacob

I’ve personally known Niels for 30 years.  He is one of those guys that everyone loves, with his easy to like personality and gentle nature.  But don’t be fooled by his friendly demeanor, the guy is a natural born fish killer.  He has natural hunting and fishing instinct like no one else I’ve ever met.  Couple that with 20 years of guiding experience and you’re in for some of the best fishing possible in Maine.

Steve is another class act.  The guy’s been striper guiding since the 1980’s in Maine and is such a pleasure to be around (an important detail when stuck on a small boat for 4 hours!)  Steve is also a fantastic wooden decoy carver and use to do guided sea duck hunts during the winter months.

Steve Brettell

Steve Brettell’s Wood Shop

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Kennebunkport Voted Best Place to Live In Maine.

Not that anyone who lives or visits here are surprised, but the Kennebunks were just voted one of the best places to live in Maine by Downeast Magazine!   I was born and raised here, but have also traveled around the world.  I have seen beautiful European towns, stunning raw beauty of Greenland, New Zealand, China and South America.  Plus I lived all through the United States, but Maine and the Kennebunks (the twin sisters by the seas) are still my favorite.  There are so many reasons people come here to visit year after year.  And there are so many reasons to stay.  Natural beauty, culture, incredible food, lodging, safety, friendly community, arts, and a great sense of history.  We love to complain about the cold winters (especially this year), but we never leave.  In January we dream of warm tropical locations, but after a visit we are always ready to get home.  Kennebunk & Kennebunkport are special and like a fine red wine they are just getting better with time.  So from all of us here at Bufflehead Cove Inn we tip our hat to both Towns and to everyone who loves them as much as us!


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The 13th Annual George H.W. Bush Celebrity Golf Classic.

Ok so all of us here in the Northeast are sick of the winter.  Just when the weather was starting to feel like early spring, poof! it’s 20 degrees and windy.  Well for all of you dreaming of summer here is another idea to get excited about.  The 13th annual George H.W. Bush  Cape Arundel Golf Classic will be held on June 23rd.  This year it is chaired by First Lady Barbara Bush and is open for public participation.  All proceeds go to support Gary’s House at Mercy Hospital in Portland Maine.  The house is an affordable lodging option for family members of individuals in medical crisis.  It really is a great cause put together by a great family.  Please click on link for further information and registration.  It looks like Bobby Orr and Derek Sanderson are a couple of the celebrities participating this year!  The night before the tournament the Colony Hotel will host the Point of Light Gala were there will be food, drink and an auction.  Don’t miss it!

Golfers enjoying the  Classic

Golfers enjoying the Classic

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Kennebunkport Conservation Trust’s Environmental Fair

Just wanted to let everyone know about the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust’s first annual Nurturing Nature fair. It will be held at Blackrock Farm March 21st from 1PM to 4PM. It is a collaboration of local farmers, commercial fisherman, aquaculture, bee keepers and landscapers to increase knowledge and love for everything outdoors! Great for family’s or anyone dreaming of warmer times. There will be talks, exhibits and food. Plus you get to enjoy Blackrock Farm’s wonderful green houses. If you live or are visiting Kennebunkport, Kennebunk or any of the surrounding towns, please mark it on your calendar!

Kennebunkport Conservation Trust's Nurturing Nature Fair

Kennebunkport Conservation Trust’s Nurturing Nature Fair

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Things to do in Kennebunkport Maine; Summer Theatre

When talking to guests the question i’m always asked is “what should we do?” Now this is a loaded question because Kennebunkport and the surrounding areas are loaded with activities. So over the next few weeks i’m going to post some of my favorite activities.
First is summer theatre. Nothing to me represents a timeless summer vacation better than summer theater. After a long day at the beach or on the water, you shower, eat a fine local meal at one of Kennebunkport’s fine eaters and then head off for a evening of theatre. The following are three very different, but all incredibly entertaining productions.

Kennebunkport Summer Theatre.

Shakespeare in the Park.

Mainestage Shakespeare.
Also known locally as “Shakespeare in the Park.” 2015 will be their 5th year of free, open air, Shakespeare productions. The company is made up of young, passionate actors from all around the country. The performances can be seen during the summer months at Lafayette Park in downtown Kennebunk Maine, Kennebunkport Village Green or the Kennebunk Town Hall during adverse weather conditions. If you’re looking for simple, fun, summer night entertainment, look no further!

Arundel Barn Playhouse

Arundel Barn Playhouse

Arundel Barn Playhouse.
Less than five miles away from the Inn you’ll find the old “Smith Sisters Farm.” This farm was in the Smith family for generations until it was turned into the Playhouse. It is a charming New England experience with professional acts running from June to Labor Day. The productions are great, the atmosphere incredible. Not to be missed!

Ogunquit Playhouse

Ogunquit Playhouse

The Ogunquit Playhouse.
The crown jewel of New England summer theatre. The Ogunquit Play House has produced Broadway quality productions for generations. Do not miss the opportunity to witness the magic of their shows. I’ve had guests confess to not enjoying theatre, only to return giddy with what they had witnessed after a show. It truly is worth the price of admission and it’s only 12.5 miles south of the Inn!

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Best Ice cream in Kennebunkport and Wells Maine.

Looking out the window at the snow covered ground I can’t help but dream of summer! So in celebration of that dream I want to share two of our favorite ice cream haunts.

First is the Scoop Deck in Wells (just 9 miles to the south). This third generation establishment boasts more delicious flavors than a person can comprehend. During the summer months there is good reason why customers happily wait in line for flavors such as Moose Tracks, Mint Explosion or Fool’s Gold. Add one of their hand made fresh waffle cones and you’ll discover what real happiness is!

Scoop Deck Flavors

Scoop Deck Flavors

The other spot is Rococo’s in Kennebunkport (just over a mile from the Inn.) I’m told that Rococo was a whimsical art movement in 18th century France. The name fits the product (superb hand made, small batch ice-cream/gelato) that will transport you back to a time when summer meant play! At first the unique flavors may appear odd, but once you try a free sample of Cinnamon Caramel Cajeta, Spicy rocky Road or Banana Salted Almond Caramel I promise you will be asking for more!  No matter if you are walking from the inn, already in kennebunkport or you don’t mind a short drive to Wells, I promise you will not be disappointed.


Rococo Kennebunkport


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Thirty Years!

Way back I had this brilliant idea that for fun I would open a bed and breakfast. It would be like a hobby… or so I thought.  The ‘hobby’ concept lasted about a month or so the first year.  I began with five rooms, all upstairs in the main house and none with private baths. I was so inexperienced I didn’t have mirrors in many rooms and often no curtains or shades on the windows. As rough as the beginnings were, lots of great guests helped out by making suggestions of how we could improve. There was no TripAdvisor then, thank God. People were kind and forgiving of our faults…. and slowly we improved and many of those original guests kept coming back.  Jim was a commercial fisherman back then so Bufflehead was my baby for a few years. I did it all with a lot of help from one employee. Eventually Jim took over much of the breakfast cooking and I was able to hire more help.  We have met so many wonderful people over the years and have so many loyal guests who keep returning and have become a bit like family. We also have had lots of great people work with us.  We are a bit long in the tooth now but have our son Erin whom we call ‘The Boss”.  Hopefully, with Erin’s help, Bufflehead Cove will continue on for many more years.  Thanks to you all: guests, family, employees and friends who have been so wonderful to us.
Harriet and Jim Gott
harriet & jim
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Kennebunkport Festival

It’s that time again!  The week long Kennebunkport Festival kicks off on June 1st with daily events around the Kennebunks.  Check out their website www.kennebunkportfestival.com for full details and schedule.


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Helena’s Breakfast Examples


Helena, my sister, is the mid week breakfast chef and is creating new and wonderful breakfasts. Jim, who is the cook in the fall and spring and also two days a week during the summer season, cooks a more traditional breakfast. It’s fun to have Helena shake it all up a bit.
Here is a sample of Helena’s creations:

Watermelon, Kiwi & Blueberries with coconut lime creme (photo above)
Crab quiche
Lemon Blueberry bread
Baby Asparagus
Panko tomato

Papaya Mango and Strawberries with Lemon Basil
Fried Eggs on wild mushrooms
English with tomato and bacon
Glazed carrots with dill and cranberries
Baby Greens

Pineapple Boats
Apricot, Blueberry, Strawberry Crepes

– Harriet

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It’s Almost That Time of Year! – HIK Garden Party 2013



In conjunction with the Kennebunkport Festival, on Saturday, June 8th from 3:00pm – 6:30pm, each of the seven member inns of the Historic Inns of Kennebunkport (HIK) will be hosting a Garden Party. Wine, tea and hors d’oeuvres will be served. The Garden Parties are only open to guests staying at one of the HIK inns: 1802 House Bed & Breakfast, Bufflehead Cove Inn, The Captain Fairfield Inn, The Captain Jefferds Inn, The Captain Lord Mansion, The Inn at English Meadows, or The Maine Stay Inn. Transportation between the inns will be provided.

To learn more about the Kennebunkport Festival, visit the Kennebunkport Festival’s homepage!

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