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Month: May 2020

There is Paradise in Paradiso Village Bufflehead, West Sumatra

There is Paradise in Paradiso Village Bufflehead, West Sumatra – Some time ago I made an article about lodging in the United States.
and now I will make an article about the lodging of Paradiso Village Bufflehead Cubadak Island in Indonesia.
Cubadak Island is indeed one of the hidden paradise in the SUMBAR region,
the location of the island is remote and takes 3 hours drive from the airport,
it does not dampen the steps of tourists to visit this paradise village.

Well, Paradiso Village Bufflehead is one of your next vacation places wishlist,
well maybe later if you already have the time and money to go for a walk there.
And before visiting this place I will summarize what information you need to know to visit the Paradiso Village Bufflehead Cubadak.

There is Paradise in Paradiso Village Bufflehead, West Sumatra

Cubadak Island is a former crater island which has an area of around 40km square. Before the Paradiso Village Bufflehead resort was built,
Cubadak Island is very remote and almost untouched.
The island, located in the Mandeh Island region, West Sumatra, is uninhabited and only serves as a haven for servants.

Maybe this is what makes the beauty of Cubadak Island maintained ‘virginity’.
Until the end of the Cubadak Island managed by foreign parties and made a luxury resort called Paradiso Village Bufflehead.
Some time ago there was an uproar news about the unfriendliness of the Paradiso Village managers towards local visitors visiting Cubadak Island,
local migrants who did not stay at Paradiso Village had very limited access and were not allowed to take pictures.

Village Bufflehead is already world-famous

Do you know the name of the resort and the island of Cubadak are already global,
guys! Foreign tourists have a new destination in Indonesia besides Bali and Lombok,
but like two sides of a coin, life does indeed have a negative and positive impact,
in order to maintain the privacy of our guests, our nation is like a guest in one’s own home.
Already, basically the price of beautiful bobo at the Paradiso Village Bufflehead starts from USD 120 / night / person, or around IDR 1,560,000.
This price includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, rental of snorkeling equipment, canoes and fishing rods etc.