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Archive: July, 2011
By Paige.gott on Jul 28, 2011

Good News & Bad News

Which do you want first?  Well, I’ll start with the bad news, because it’s always best to end with the good, right?  The bad news is that we will no longer be supplying wine at our afternoon wine and cheese … Continue reading

By Paige.gott on Jul 01, 2011

Another Beautiful Day

It’s another beautiful day on the river here at Bufflehead Cove.  It’s the perfect day to go kayaking or have lunch on the porch.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed in hopes that the rest of the summer is filled with … Continue reading

By Paige.gott on Jul 01, 2011

Come Find Happiness in Maine

USA Today did an article on 10 of the best places to find happiness, and guess who topped the list? Yep, our very own state of Maine! We share this list with places like Bali and Hawaii just to name … Continue reading